Happy Holidays!

#The12DaysOfGiving is a movement designed to help you experience the magic of the season.

This holiday season, follow 12 days of text prompts that will lead you to find the joy in the small miracles that are happening all around and help you create a few of them yourself. #The12DaysOfGiving

Want to get involved? Just follow the steps below!

Step 1: Opt in to Daily Prompt Text Messages

Use your cell phone number and opt in to receive daily text messages detailing a prompt to follow.

Step 2: Complete the Prompt

Once you receive your prompt, it is time to act upon it! You can sign up for a SendOutCards account, to make completing the prompts an easy task.

Step 3: Share!

Use #The12DaysofGiving to share your experiences with us and the world!

Sign Up for Daily Prompts

Enter your phone number to receive daily texts.

Act on a Prompting

You know when you get a feeling, just a nudge that you should reach out to someone or help someone? That is a prompting and there is a reason we feel them. Acting on promptings is what we do best.

Reach Out in Kindness

Have you ever received recognition or a compliment when you were least expecting it? You may not remember when it happened, but the feeling you felt is what stays in your memory. Give someone else that gift.

Make a Difference

One person can make a difference. When we join forces and send kindness out to the world, each of us playing our small part but all together, we are one community that will change the world.